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Currently they are out on tour with Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin. AXS: Adam, you started writing and doing music when you were young, 12 or 14 years old. My Mom was a musician and she always wanted me to be involved in music and my Dad was pretty much super supportive. At the same time they probably wanted me to have something else to back up just in case. It went from forcing me to play in the early years to my early teenage years being yelled at to stop practicing because that is all I did. We were stuck on the side of the road for seven hours the other day. Honestly it is a great lineup with super talented people out here. AXS caught up with Gontier and Mushok in Indianapolis at Klipsch Music Center on their Disturbed tour date to talk touring and working together on new music. I really love playing “Trying to Catch Up With the World”. Were your parents supportive of your endeavors or did they want you to be something else? They wanted me to go to college, which caused a little bit of tension, but I did finally go get a degree. Adam: It is not fun, not fun driving yourself, depending how far you have to go.

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There's definitely some, obviously just because the way that Mike [Mushok] and I write.How is this experience different than bands you have in the past? Adam: Mike and I knew each other from touring with Staind and Three Days Grace in the past quite a bit. AXS: You should play Pokemon Go to get back in shape. But what am I going to do now after 20 years, go back and be an engineer. The day before this happened I said the only thing you need a license for on this tour is if you need to rent a car. Adam: The biggest difference is we are starting a new band from the ground up. We weren’t super close or anything but we knew each other. After I quit Three Days and Mike called, we got together to do some writing and it went a lot better than we had planned or expected and here we are with a lot of songs and almost two records completed. Rich was always a part of what I was doing whether it was solo stuff and then we called Corey. Corey [Lowery] didn't join the band until the record was done. There was definitely some [moments], when Mike and I finished our first three-song demo, then got into the studio and decided to record a good chunk of songs.At that point, the only real option was "let's put this band together, let's hit the road, make a record and see how it goes."How is the eagerness that comes with starting a band different when you've already been in another successful band?

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