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You can blog and discuss your experience with Liberty Mutual as much as you want. I ended up suicidal due to their denial of my claim after they, somehow, diagnosed me without ever seeing me.It is important that any statements you make are truthful. I was just released from the hospital yesterday, I had major sinus surgery and prior to that I was also out for depression and anxiety.

On our website we have provided links to the department of insurance for every state (see the Locations page). I have Liberty long term , I had to get an attorney to recieve that. I was in an auto accident an I had a lawyer handling that case. There is not enough time here to go into detail on how heartless, manipulative and deceptive most of these LM managers have been while dealing with my case…

They say it is a “coincidence” that their decision to peer review my claim comes minutes after receiving the DOI complaint. Kevin, If your Liberty Mutual Disability Insurance policy has a social security disability offset provision, then Liberty will be entitled to claim the social security disability benefits that you may be paid.

I urge anyone who has problems with LM to file a DOI complaint. If you hire an attorney first the DOI will refer you to your attorney. Hello, I have been covered under LTD by Liberty Mutual for the past two years after I collapsed at work due to severe Emphysema (diagnosed one year earlier).

I was deemed Totally and Permanently Disabled by Social Security.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident 2 years later and offered ,000 for general damages (pain and suffering not to include specials). Liberty Mutual placed a lien on the Farmers claim citing under ERISA they are entitled to my pain and suffering payment.

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