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The condition of this pipe is excellent & maybe better than that, the draw is quite open. is one of the few available that I saw when looking for a price comparison. Secondly,the stem which is probably original based on what I can see & feel,does not have the Barling's logo, indicating it was buffed off. The silver hallmark, a stylized "N" appears to be from 1979. Obviously, the damage done had nothing to do with the smoking of the pipe. The nomenclature is clean and crisp andthe shape # is 329. All that remains is for you to find an old Barling's stem with logo somewhat intact. While the nomenclature pinpoints the date of production as 1999, the date on the sterling ferrule says 2000. Nicely darkened by someone who loved smoking this pipe, andalso cared enough about it to take very good care to keep it infine condition, with but a touch of wear on the inner rim of the chamber. The "P" logo is buffed down, but it's all there & legible. cond., with crisp rim, bite-free stem & a sterling band with a hallmark that indicates a 1980 production. The stem is mark-free & the draw is open for a P-lip.

This pipe is in such good condition, that it's a shame that it was twomajor cosmetic flaws. This is one of Bill Taylor's beauties and will stand in commemoration of his talents and his legacy to us. The nomenclature on both stem and silver are in exc., crisp condition. There are some very minor dings on the bowl, as befits a pipe of this vintage. But the blast is not worndown, the inner rim is not charred and the stem is bite-free.6.5" long, bowl 1.85" tall. it doesn't go through & havingtested it with a straight pin (the hole is quite small) I find it isextremely shallow. The pipe is unsmoked and if you want, I do believe I still have the original box and probably sleeve, too.4.8" long, bowl 2.2" tall. 5.matter, really, on this well grained sandblast. Everything is wonderful about this pipe except for one featurethat will create a very good deal for someone..the bottom of the shank is a little hole, for lack of a better term, that shouldhave been filled, but wasn't. Bird's Eyeon one side of the bowl & decent cross grain running down the front of the tall bowl. The carbon on the rim looks far worse in the photos, I think, than it does in person. Thepoorest part of the pipe is the buffed down nomenclature, but even there, every letter and number is legible. 3 in size, but it is clearly a full-fledged 4, so right away, you're a leg up if you get this Dunhill. The shape # is 3205, so this must have sold as a Grp.

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