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Three feathers were tied to the base of the mainshaft and the foreshaft was secured to the other.

Mostly middle-aged women with a few couples but the place also attracts city slickers desperate for rest and relaxation The ‘unique water complex’ includes a cascade and massage jets to tone up various body parts, after which you chill out in a steamer chair with cushions and duvets.

The atlatl (rhymes with rattle-rattle) is an Aztec word for the spear-thrower, and ingenious invention which, by effectively lengthening the arm and employing centrifugal force, allowed prehistoric hunters to throw a point-tipped shaft further, and with greater power and accuracy than mere spear-throwing could achieve.

The weapon consists of three parts: the atlatl or spearthrower, the mainshaft and the foreshaft.

Is it okay for churches to sell things (books, tapes, Bibles, baked goods, garage sale items, candy, etc.) or to charge for services (school tuition, college tuition, rehab programs, computer/website services, etc.)?

This painting depicts an Indian using the atlats, or spear-thrower.

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