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To pry all of these away without snapping the lense would not be easy, so I filed away on a side where the threading is to have access to the edges of all the layers (lense, plastic thingy, etc)carefully using a very small, fine screwdriver or strong flat thing, pry off each successive layer.You may have to chip at parts that are attached by glue (or I guess you could use acetone to dissolve the glue, but I thought that might damage the lense).

You can then view the feed there, on your Apple Watch/TV, or with other Home Kit apps like Homecam.The Arlo Baby actually captures the temperature and humidity of the room, detects motion, and has a multi-colored night-light.All of these could have been added to Home Kit alongside the live feed, but Netgear has left those out.I did this very slowly and carefully as I had heard horror stories of people cracking their lense in IR filter is just a little square piece of glass, pull it out.Then, bend a piece of wire or paper clip or something into a square and put it in to replace the filter (so everything will fit back together correctly afterwards).

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