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However, these are the ten most important things that make dating country boys so fun. He knows how to hold a door open for you and follow you through it.He never expects you to pay, but is appreciative when you do.Scott Thomas, Barry Knox, Matt Thomas, and Josh Mc Swain of Parmalee (from left to right) are here to make a case for ditching the city boys and taking things down South.

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Somehow, you've wound up with shirts for all of the seasons, for all times of the day.

Every couple has its great things that make that specific relationship so wonderful.

Whether it be one person's personality, their eyes, their sense of humor, or the way they cook.

With the help of Answerology creator Matt Milner, we've asked men from around the country to tell us where the heck they are—and the easiest ways to meet them! Your average stand-up class, on the other hand, is a festival of testosterone.

True, comedians have a tendency to be emotionally needy and self-centered.

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