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As I stated before the idea of my young, sweet wife being intimate with other men does not bother me at all.In fact as I lay next to Melissa in bed discussing our new plan, I could feel my limp dick getting big. " I rolled on my back and flashed my full eight inch erection to Mel.Melissa's request was perfect, I became my wife's cuckold. My big dick is sensitive, I prematurely ejaculate inside my wife whenever she allows me to fuck her.

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That flirting caused a bit of a strain in our relationship at first.

Why can’t you just talk about stuff like this and it be normal. more a post I found today and we think it is part of the ongoing evloution of the cuckolding phenomenonan article by Harry Bunting "Re-Thinking Masculinity" Dose this mean the BULLS - Alpha Males are...

One day I hope it is, I hope one day I can go to the bar and just ask a guy, hey would you... More we would like to add, we as a couple ALWAYS go on meets together!!!

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