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— Ok Cupid (@okcupid) December 22, 2017 It’s this issue that has so many users upset about the loss of anonymity.They fear the use of their real name will make it easier for people to harass or stalk them based on things like sexual orientation or gender, especially on other social platforms, such as Facebook.Women and members of the LGBTQ community point out that they already have a difficult enough time at online dating even when using a pseudonym.Ok Cupid says that it’s still committed to privacy, and has taken steps to prevent things like harassment and stalking.But unlike other dating services, such as Tinder, that rely on real first names, Ok Cupid profiles include much more information than a few pictures and proximity, including personal details on things like sexual preferences, politics, and their background. You do not need to use your government name or even your full first name.Use the name, nickname, or initials you’d like your date to call you on Ok Cupid.An Illinois man has sued online dating service Ok Cupid, saying the company enticed users to pay monthly fees for access to “A-list” dating leads that turned out to be inactive or “dead” profiles.

The dating site seems to hope this will lead to more open and honest profiles and communication between users, as well as reduce the confusion of how to address someone when starting a chat or meeting in person.

You'll probably want to get to know them a bit better before you make your first in-person contact.

Listen carefully to your Skype conversations, and if you're still unsure, learn more via a background check.

Celebrate […] First you have to let the world know what you're like, and the kind of person you're looking for.

Different dating sites handle this differently, of course, but when you're getting your profile ready, it's like getting ready for a night on the town.

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