Dating coke trays

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In fact, I had even Googled the tray on my Droid, curious about how much it was going for on e Bay.

I found similar trays selling for 0 and 5, but there were no nibbles. He told me that he had seen the tray selling on e Bay for about 0.

Delta, along with creative agency Wieden & Kennedy New York and Coca-Cola, developed and implemented the art gallery.

The auctioneer had just ended bidding on the vintage Coke tray at and given it to an absentee bidder. He had accepted the final bid, he said rather loudly. The rest of us just stood there watching impatiently as the two engaged in their verbal tussle. It was clear that he wanted that tray and he was not about to be intimidated.

Some sites said hers was the first face on a Coke tray.

Such actresses as Frances Dee and Maureen O’Sullivan posed for some of the trays.

The most collectible of which, according to Collectors Weekly, was a 1934 tray featuring O’Sullivan and her Tarzan co-star Johnny Weismuller.

The tray at auction was part of what Collectors Weekly called the “classic period” of Coke-tray production, from the beginning up until the 1970s when the company reissued some trays from the 1910s and 1920s.It was so rare, he said, that the company doesn’t even have one in its collection.Our houses are filled with memorabilia and artifacts that are part of our family's history and legacy.This one had a date of 1939 in tiny print on the inside bottom.The man was surprised when I showed him the date because he had not noticed it.

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