Dating customs arond the world

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Today, Korea is a modern nation, but with its history dating back more than 5,000 years, the country also retains a great deal of traditional culture.

"It" tags any statues that are moving -- they're out -- then tries to make the steady ones laugh or move.How to Play: Designate a leader and a timekeeper, and determine a finish line.The leader secretly hides the pennies while the other players have their back turned.While "It" is counting, the others scatter around, never sure when she'll yell "Agalmata! Tell kids to yell it to be authentic, or to just say "statue" if that's easier.) On this cue, players freeze, taking on poses that mimic famous statues.They can pull from any statue they've ever seen a photo of -- a javelin thrower, The Thinker, even the Statue of Liberty.

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