Dating gibson vintage guitars

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So a lot of factories started popping up all around the country, making different shaped, mordern and fresh(for that period) models.

There’s a bunch of them that are great quality, but there’s also quite a few which are basicly cheap ways to score some money on this new piece of electronic toy, which was all the rage back in the early sixties, with upcoming rock’n’roll music.

They’re still active today, selling bass guitars, acoustics and electric guitars such as the Hofner Verithin and Hofner Galaxie.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s Selmer was importing these guitars to the UK and Van Wouw was Hofner’s Dutch importer.

The number 5 319, which did not make much sense with Selmer’s serial numbers, untill I found out about Van Wouw.

Elvis Presley had a black, no-pickup, Isana archtop when he was drafted in Germany, but later fitted an “Ideal” pickup himself.

While Josef Sandner’s Isana was not related to Fasan and Alosa, these brands to carry some similarities.

The odd shaped f-holes, are also used by Framus, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between all these brands.

There’s also versions with 3 on-off pickup switches instead of the rotary. vinyl covered or spraypainted, and pickguards, one ply black plastic, threeply, or even metal…

That’s A LOT of differences for just one model, which was only produced for a few years!

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