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In addition to other people being affected by your teeth when you smile, you are also often affected.

People who are unhappy with their teeth have a tendency to mask them behind a .

There is bountiful evidence that physical attraction played a dramatic role in human history.

Wars were started over beauty, and so too did beauty calm stormy seas and gentle giants. There is psychology behind people’s attraction to physiological features and reasons for the lack of physical attraction.

Hi, I hope this doesn't sound as trivial as I think. I've been doing online dating for almost a year now (still single - I am probably too fussy but that's a hard thing to change! Anyway, around six months ago I contacted a guy on a site just because I wanted to give him my vote of confidence if you know what I mean.

He is not exactly handsome, but he had an unusually genuine and warm looking smile, plus a lovely, intelligent and likeable profile. I made it clear that he's not my type, and we have been in contact ever since.

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Researchers have found that smiling makes you healthier both physically and emotionally.

A smile can change your mood, lower your heart rate and even increase your sex drive. Your facial expressions determine to a great extent the reactions of others.

Psychologist explains, “your smile is actually contagious…

Front teeth that protrude can give the impression a person is grinning even though he is actually concerned.

An under-bite can leave the impression that someone is disgruntled even though he may be feeling pleased.

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