Dating ludwig drums serial

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This photo goes very deep in remembering that 73 million people saw him playing that very drum kit on February 9, 1964.

Going from left to right, you get a great view of the Ludwig timpani stool. Later models had a hard side cushion which was designed to lengthen the wear of the seat.

If Ludwig didn't offer both Blue and Black Oyster Pearl options, there wouldn't have been such a controversy.​When Manny's Music Store delivered the kit, they took the liberty of imprinting their store logo on each tom head under the Ludwig Weather Master logo.

You can clearly see them in the Miami practice photo above.

This is a top view of Ringo's "Sullivan kit" bass drum.

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Next, cymbal rivets were inserted into the sleeves and the prong ends of the rivets were opened to hold them snuggly in place.Music Radar's sister magazine Rhythm's vintage gear pages started back in 2006 and have since featured over 160 oldies - some rare and valuable, many more modest but equally treasured.So just how hard is it to find and safely land your own vintage prize?NOTE: The group of colored photos taken at this rehearsal gave a blue tint to Ringo's drums and lead many to believe that he had an Oyster Blue Pearl kit.You have to take into account that people first saw The Beatles on television in black & white and only had magazine photos to go by.

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