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Get Bit Outdoors Hitena USAHYDRAJanns Netcraft Mickels Custom Rods Mudhole Custom Tackle MHX Rod Blanks Pacific Bay Pro Products Renzetti Inc. The other one says Montague-Flash fine split bamboo fishing rod Medium Trout 9. The only markings on the rod besides the Montague decal is where it says Genuine Tonkin.

Rocky Mountain Rod Shop Rod Components USARodgeeks Rod Maker Magazine Rod Maker Magazine Blog Schneiders Rod Shop Sea Guide Corp. I'm guessing that these rods were probably bought in the fifties and it doesn't appear that they have ever been used.


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in 1927 and was consolidated into the Montague City factory. The reels made over this 35 year period vary in the quality and size.

They may be a bit older than you imagine, possibly dating back to the 40's.

I haven't kept up with pricing on Montague rods, but would guess than in very, very good condition with good bags and tubes they might be worth 0 each. I have recently seen a few Montague bamboo fly rods being offered on @#$%&.

Most of their business was making reels for other companies like Von Lengerke & Antoine (VL&A) and other sporting goods dealers.

One of the most desirable reels made by them was the "Kosmic" reel.

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