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Videos: Bluegrass, Jazz, improvisation, ergonomics for mandolin and fiddle 13 Free Instructional books Private lessons in Seattle and Issaquah WA, Skype lessons to anywhere The Neighborhood Bluegrass At the suggestion of the builder, I am trying some different tube configurations.Finally got a few pics of the old acoustic archtop.Welcome to Amp Archives, a photographic archive of audio amplifiers for reference.You can search as well as browse the archives using the main navigation menu.

The table below outlines the meaning of these letter codes.

Examples: S/A 4779 G 1975 Model #1987 JMP Lead S/A 4279 H 1976 Model #1987 JMP Lead S/A 08840 H 1976 Model #2204 JMP Master Volume More Examples Letters were used as date codes to represent the year of production and this letter followed the serial production number.

Letters B, I, O and Q were not used to avoid confusing letters with numbers.

No trailer queens there, and no wall decorations in musical instruments. I build large scale vintage car models in 1/12 and 1/8 scales.

I was in the middle of building a 1/6 scale 39 Lincoln coupe but I had to stop because I couldn't get the materials I needed.

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