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In the Modern Age of Comics until the present date, Batman has had numerous romantic relationships, in every different media, some which have lasted long enough to set a "record" and others which were merely used for the sake of a story.

Even though most of his relationships are with ladies from his own Rogues Gallery, the constant in every scenario is Batman's unwillingness or inability to maintain a relationship longer than the Batmobile's paint job.

Following is a list of those romantic partners that have been prominently portrayed in comics books and other media: Julie Madison - First appearance: Detective Comics #31 Vicki Vale - First appearance: Batman #49 The photographer/reporter, Vicki Vale was initially introduced as a woman smart enough to expose Batman's secret identity using her images.

In this quest, she became involved with Bruce Wayne, as she suspected him of being Batman and she was determined to find the evidence.

Still, Llewelyn is back in his role, replacing Chaplin almost 36 years after the pilot was filmed in October of 1980, and 23 years since the show was first cancelled. He has specialized in producing and hosting 24/7–The Business News Magazine Show.

Llewelyn now 77 years old, but it doesn’t seem like a day has passed: In a press release, Llewelyn says his return is “the most shocking and pleasant surprise of my entire career … ” The release also refers to “his break from The People’s Court,” and says that Doug has: “…travelled the world reporting and directing news stories, featurettes and TV specials on over 200 major Hollywood productions, including hits such as E.

In Judge Joseph Wapner’s courtroom, justice was rapid and fair, with real money (albeit provided by the producers) and raw emotion at stake, and after he ruled, the dejected and/or elated litigants would exit the courtroom and into Doug Llewelyn’s waiting, outstretched arm.

I’ve dipped in to the show over the years, but rarely watch; the pacing and the aggressiveness of its stras—Milian, Levin, and Chaplin—lacks the inviting warmth that the original courtroom had.

While Wapner is retired and 96 and Burrell died in 2002 at 76, Llewelyn is back in the courtroom today. Conan The Barbarian and several editions of the annual Academy Awards.

That courtroom is now at the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut, not a Los Angeles soundstage. For the past decade Doug has specialized in creating TV productions for corporate America, including such giants as Apple Computer, Mac Donald’s, Hallmark, The Shriner’s Hospitals, and others.

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Along with Double Dare and COPS, The People’s Court was one of my 1980s addictions, television that pulled me in with the promise of watching real people deal with real life.

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