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During DNS registration we present a mapping between the network name and its provider IP addresses over some physical adapter that can reach a DNS server.

Below is an example of a standard Network Name resource.

By default, all Authenticated Users have permissions to create a new record inside a secure zone.

But if a record already exists, the security principal (in this case the cluster name identity) should have Full Control over the existing DNS record.

The ‘Or’ is a dependency which the Net Name has on the IP Addresses which implies that EITHER the 1.99 IPv4 Address OR the 2098:e0e:90e3:a1b4:e34c:cbe IPv6 Address must come online before the Network Name resources comes online.

In this example, the network name testcno will be registered against 2 IPv4 addresses 1.99 and .99 which are on different subnets.

The DNS server will fail to register a single label record.You can see by the log tail that the update is successful.If you look in Microsoft DNS, you will see that the record is created.Upon close inspection of the security (Advanced view), you will see that the Linux host itself (as seen by its Kerberos principle name / computer object name), registered the record. NON-SECURE DYNAMIC UPDATE ZONES As discussed earlier, what happens if the DNS zones are configured for "None" or "Nonsecure and Secure"? In both scenarios, where we set the DNS zone to either None" or "Nonsecure and Secure", we will see a correctly formatted fully qualified name but then see a failure. DNS will delete the DNS record and discard the authentication token. This means until the NEXT cycle runs in 15 minutes, the client will be unresolvable (and cause great confusion every 15 minutes).What is even more confusing is the effect you see if the zone is set to "Nonsecure and Secure". This unexpected response to SSSD will generate an error. Hopefully this explains a number of scenarios and how to set to proper configuration.

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