Eve online stuck updating character

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So I jumped in with the second character on my account, Percy Dovetonsils, and within moments I had created… I mean, Tom of Finland look out, we’ve got the character generator dedicated to your memory.It really looks like some unholy merger of Gary Gannon, Ryan Verniere, and Brad Pitt.Eventually I did figure out how to put some clothes on him.But then I clicked next and went to portrait selection, where I chose this.Albion Online is a fairly hardcore game to today standards wrapped up in a simple to get into package.After trying it out almost 2 years ago with their founder’s pack and testing the game out over its extensive alpha and betas, I think it’s in a bad spot. Competing with Eve Online more than say World of Warcraft.Instead, they keep patching content into a beta that isn’t being played anymore since everyone is waiting for release. I thought this was just me but even most of the apologists on the subreddit have turned.Any post they make on their site is followed by a good number of people complaining about the wipes and release.

Like World of Warcraft use to be in some ways everything you end up doing on Albion Online ends up being a grind.I think the developers are so afraid to let this game fail that they will inevitably make it fail. After almost 2 years of “beta testing” and even longer of alpha testing, they are starting to lose their dedicated niche fans.This is a game I feel has been “ready” for at least a year now and they are still talking about 1 to 2 more wipes before release.I want to say that was around 2013 when MMO hype was still big and games were being announced but the overall MMO player base was starting to fall off.When I first took a look at Albion Online I wasn’t impressed or interested. I thought it was cool how they wanted to launch on multiple platforms, i Pad, android tablets and PC.

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