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That does not mean I don't have sex, it just means that it is 'sex for one'.

Last week I went on a business trip to Florida to attend a training se...

We were always close and we told each other basically everything.

I told him that one night I found this really cool thing to do if you rubbed your dick against the bed, I came across this because one night there was a hole in my underwear and my little ...

I placed the laptop flat on my desk, close to my cock.

We have a great sex life and masturbation plays a big part in our life together. » Read more Amy, age 26, and I live in next door apartments in the south near the Gulf Coast in one of those complexes that have a swimming pool and tennis courts, etc.

We were friendly with each other, grilling steaks and burgers on each others balconies and sharing a bottle of wine or a couple of beers on the weekends. » Read more My gf ( PM): well I was using my vibrators My gf ( PM): and I started with just one My gf ( PM): and I held it on my clit and then slowly pushed it in and out of my pussy till I got wet My gf ( PM): then I got the other one and slid it inside of me while the other was on my...

Once you find a cam model that attracts you like crazy, simply clicking on their preview image will bring you directly to their show.

If you want to find models with more precision, clicking on one of the category tabs will narrow it down for you.

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