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Here are some other example of searches you might not realise are possible on Facebook – • Friends In [Location] Who Like [Music Artist, Restaurant, Movie]• Photos Of [Weddings, Graduations, Events] Uploaded By Friends• Photos In My Hometown Uploaded By Friends • Photos In My Hometown Liked By Friends • Photos In [Location] Uploaded By [Name Of A Friend]• Photos Of Me and [Friends' Name]• Photos Of [Single, Married] Friends in [Location]• Photos Of [Single, Married] Friends in [Location] Who Like [Music Artist, Restaurant, Movie]• Events Attended By Me And [Friends' Name]• Events In [Location] Attended by [Single, Married] FriendsFriends Who Like [Music Artist, Restaurant, Movie]• Friends In [Location] Who Like [Music Artist, Restaurant, Movie]• Friends of [Name Of A Friend] and me who are [Single, Married] and live in [Location]The news comes days after it was revealed that Facebook is still filtering and weeding-out messages from your inbox and squirrelling them away in another hidden inbox.Thankfully, there is a way to unearth the received messages Facebook assumed you never wanted to see.

The idea is to offer a way for you and your group of friends to find and connect with other groups out in the real world.

The US social network's spooky search lets you unearth long-forgotten photographs, statuses, events, community pages and more.

For example, Facebook users can search through every photo you or your online friends have ever liked – with one quick search.

Granted, some of it will be useless spam but there could be some messages from people that prove to be incredibly helpful.

team found an email from a kind stranger who'd found their lost wallet … Another team member stumbled across a message from a competition organiser informing them that they were the lucky winner of a digital camera.

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