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May 7th More 1Dx 2 snippets – 25MP Canon sensor [CR] Time to review the timeline – note that Digic 6 is hardly widespresd, and Canon doesn’t tend to skip versions (note the dual Digic6 in the 5Ds – probably enough to work for the 1D mark 6 (as IMHO, you might reasonably call any 1DX2) 2nd 1Dx 2 snippets – Digic 7 and extended DR [CR] April 27th Suggestions that the 1D X mk2 is out for testing will have a few more MP, improved viewfinder/display/AF, lighter battery, but no details [CR] The only dates we’ve heard for this are late 2015/early 2016 February 13th The actual appearance of a 1D X mk2 is pushed into 2016 [CR] even if it gets an announcement this year.

We really do appreciate this - Keith A reminder for new readers – Any suggestions for products more than 6 months from announcement automatically get my biggest ‘pinch of salt’ rating.

The only other real info was that the camera was for later this year or early 2015. Of the two sets of info, I -prefer- to think that we -will- see a big MP camera, but my preferences count for very little, and I realise that very few people actually know, and they are not speaking ;-) October 24th New firmware (January 2014) is pre-announced for the 1D X [details on the 1D X page] Improvements best summed up as covering improved AF functionality and an extension of auto ISO, they are firmly aimed at users who would have previously used a 1Dmk 4 It certainly suggests that there will be no mk2 announcement in the near future, although if Canon want to repeat the long lingering delays between announcement and shipping of the 1D X then we might first hear in 2014 for a 2015 ship date ;-) February 15th We’re told not to expect any new full frame cameras until 2014 2012 December 22nd still rumours pointing to a ‘high MP camera’ next year, but the follow on to the 1D X is several years away.

response that it was all ‘too good to be true’ and that the current ‘unified’ 1 series will continue, with a new model announced later on next year with a split pixel sensor and ‘modest’ bump in pixel count (it would share a slight change in body shape with a 1D C update). August 22nd Assorted ‘high end’ rumours, but they point more to a 3D or 1D Xs 2012 February 20th Given the 1D X still isn’t shipping, there’s not much here yet.

11th A lot more ‘One series’ rumours appearing A ‘full frame’ 16-20MP 1D5 is suggested at CR, but what about the largely discontinued 1Ds3?

6th An 18MP full frame 14fps 1D5 is suggested for release on the 18th [via 1k1] August 17th Another specs lists appears at CR 6th Some very detailed specs are published at CR.

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