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Since there is an abundance of free porn online, addicts can indulge without paying, but often, when the addiction escalates, they resort to paying for online material or even physical items (like DVDs).

Charges to these accounts may not look obviously pornographic since these companies usually work hard to ensure the anonymity of their patrons.

In the book When preparing for real sex, the pornified brain fails to get its dopamine surge and the signal to the penis is too weak to achieve erection.

But turn on an Internet device with unlimited pages of novelty, and boom, the plumbing works.

Check your husband’s web browsers on his phone, laptop, home computer, or tablet.

If the Internet histories are constantly empty, he may be clearing his history to cover his tracks.

While there are several medical reasons for ED, for the porn addict the problem is not in the organ, but in the brain.Are there unexplained charges on your credit card statement or bank statement?Have you noticed new credit cards opened in your husband’s name?A porn user almost always has dysfunctional relationship to technology—many hours spent online alone, often at odd hours or at times when they should be spending time with their families and friends.He may demand to be left alone with his computer or become irritable if he can’t get online.

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