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The "experts" thought Ivan would turn north and pound Cuba, then strike Florida (still recovering from Frances), but it didn't.

On Saturday, September 11, Ivan intensified to a Category 5 hurricane with 165 mph sustained winds near the eye wall.

The trip from Oceanside, CA to Tela, Honduras was somewhat routine.

My friend Rodrigo Barraza from El Salvador joined me on the last leg from San Salvador to Honduras.

It was about 5pm and I was watching the Weather Channel Tropical Update.

The track of Ivan was taking it into the NW Caribbean sea on a slow course towards NW Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ivan entered the Caribbean sea as a Category 4 hurricane, leaving the small island nation of Grenada in its wake. Waves "as high as 2 story buildings" battered Jamaica's southern coast, according to CNN.

Kingston boarded up and waited for the worst but at the last minute Ivan made a turn to the west and the eye tracked just south of the island.

The C-MAP program is a global oceanic map program that allows you to zoom in to 1: 40,000,000 actual scale on any coastline in the world.Accessing its reefs would require a fast boat, time, and substantial knowledge of its waters. Even at that Belize's surf potential was questionable.If Ivan turned to the north as the Weather Channel and National Hurricane Center were predicting, I was concerned that Honduras might be too far out of the swell window and if the hurricane was moving away from it that they wouldn't see much swell.I had a rather decent surf all things considered, though nothing to write home about.We went into town that afternoon to try to line up a boat.

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