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day in and day out I hear variations of the same question: Does he like me? So I will give you a list of signs that a guy likes you, and then we’ll go a little deeper and talk about the number one thing to look for, the thing that matters more than anything, as well as why women get so confused by these situations.

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When you share your life with someone, some of your identity becomes intertwined with them. What can make that process even harder is when your ex decides to muddy the waters by showing signs he wants you back.I am all too familiar with the feeling of wanting your ex back, believe me!(My story did, fortunately, have a happy ending and I am actually married to an ex!MORE: 11 Undeniable Signs He’s In Love With You Even if you’re not feeling insecure, both infatuation and love cause chemical reactions in us that change the way we think and behave, and that can also cloud our judgment.Some people say, “you just know,” but that simply isn’t always the case.

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