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#Ashanti 😍 #We Gota Story To Tell007 | @irvgotti187 | @funkflex | #Hot97Dot Com | @wherehiphoplivesapp | @inflexwetrust | @djfunkflexapp | Go To Hot97for the Full!!!As Charlottesville became the new epicenter of racism and bigotry in the United States this past weekend, many searched for solutions and ways to explain the horrific displays of violence and hate. Contrary to Gotti’s comments, racism has been thriving far before the Kardashians eyed their first cute black guy or got their first set of cornrows.

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honcho's Tuesday night premiere of "Tales." The movie's theme was based on N. A.'s "F**k tha Police" lyrics, but producers flipped the races -- the brutal cops and rich people were black, and white people were the minorities living in the projects. Maybe people will have a lil more compassion when 12 year old Tamir Rice gets gunned down. “Cause the Hip Hop Culture has fu**ed up the whole sh*t. While the Kardashian/Jenners undoubtedly have a mega influence on the younger generation and have successfully infiltrated the culture within the last couple of years, it’s really hard to pinpoint them as catalysts of racism. I think he is saying LETS GET OUR WOMEN BACK,” Irv exclaimed in the message. Even so, he suggests white men and their families cannot stand the idea of their 15-year-old daughters following in their footsteps to date black men and align themselves with hip-hop. This isn’t a message bashing the Kardashians Or Kylie and Kendall. “They are a part of this thing called Hip Hop CULTURE. It’s crystal clear.” READ: Irv Gotti Introduces The New Faces Of Murder Inc. G.’s “I Got a Story to Tell” is classic hip-hop storytelling at its best.But when the player comes home while they’re still in bed, Big acts like a robber to maneuver his way out of a sticky situation.

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