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To give us a more detailed picture of this issue, a new report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC, the federal agency in charge of enforcing employment non-discrimination laws) has just released a new study on the extent of workplace discrimination against Asian Americans in federal government jobs (thanks to Angry Asian Man for blogging about this first).

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Our science writers will create a short factual piece capturing the main story to showcase.

So in roughly chronological order, a while ago we took in the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Tech Centre, which was very good. Wright from Polygnostic U.) that will be before the event.*** I spent too long in the morning jury-rigging bits and pieces.

The local university put on a Steampunk version of Twelfth Night so we had to go wave the cog-and-goggles flag. I especially liked Orsino; they did him as a mopey emo-goth who kept theatrically collapsing with woe. Malvolio was especially excited that R:t AG also had a clockwork hand (Malvolio's mostly out of costume in this shot, sadly, but he ran backstage to put his hand back on when he saw R:t AG's )R:t AG and I went up to Seattle for Steam Con II which was great. Next year's is 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea and I have some costume ideas for next year (thanks to Prof.

The city's annual Architectural Festival honors Modesto's history as a testing ground for mid-century modern architecture during the 1940s and '50s.

Modesto's mid-century buildings have been featured four times in Museum of Modern Art publications.

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