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TTYL, Attack of the Show," with the Attack of the Show theme playing at the end.

A daily profile of websites featuring the top five online videos with unique or bizarre idiosyncrasies.

She continued in this capacity until April 6, 2006.

Munn said at the 2010 Comic Con that she would not be leaving AOTS, though she only occasionally appeared on the show for the rest of that year.

Sex columnist Anna David and Olivia Munn give intimate relationship advice and opinions.

That version of the segment has been replaced by footage of David doing person-on-the-street sex talk, with David never appearing in the studio.

In the end none of the candidates were actually selected, although this was never actually announced on the air.

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Jimmy emulates a slimy individual often saying funny yet mildly sexual & obscene comments as metaphors to bets.due to low ratings, five months after Kevin Pereira canceled his contract.The series taped its final scenes on December 21, 2012, and its final episode was broadcast January 23, 2013. The show announced a search for a new host among the show's audience, and for several months various candidates auditioned on the air.After the demise of G4, former Aot S host Kevin Pereira would go on to become founder of Attack Media, a company that not only employed former G4 staff but was also dedicated to creating online content similar to the programming featured on G4.He started as a production assistant in 2002 on the talk show G4, then moved on to Arena and Pulse and then quickly moved to another G4 show, The Screen Savers, in 2004. , G4's live tech info show, and was the last original cast member to leave. on May 31, 2012 after it was announced on May 8, 2012 by G4 that his final broadcast would take place on that day.

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