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Because of this I've learned to value what I have, and cherish the people in my life, friends, family, even acquaintances.

I try to live each day as if it's my last, and still have hope for the future.

A very outgoing person who enjoys laughter in my life be it a movie comedy, an evening at a comedy club, Saturday Night Live TV or just an amusing CD. You look so charming in your photo, I adore your profile so much.. I am Edwards , divorced and looking for someone lovely like you lol. My friends and family are very important to me and I love putting together fun events and entertaining.

I think a fun way to spend an evening would be to dine at a cozy restaurant which has a reputation of serving good seafood and then spend the rest of the romantic evening of dancing cheek-to-cheek as well as swing/fast music. You definitely got your appearance so attracting and appealing. Is what you have on this site a correct statement of your age? but anyway I decided to give it a shot by dropping you a line as there is no harm in trying. How are you doing today i hope all is well with you.... I love meeting new people and appreciate outgoing people who don't shy away from making new friends. THIS MAN SAID HE WAS GOING TO KILL MY FAMILY, HIS NAME IS Jon Weist Edwards, [email protected], all the pics I have are all the ones on here...

I can be somewhat of a hard *** but down deep I'm just a big softie.

I've been to war, and I've seen the effects it has on people.

he couldn’t go right away, because he had to find a place for his daughter to stay. user_id=5930603 USER ID: 5930603 Nickname: Old_Blue_Sea Name: George Edwards Age: 46 (Jul 1, 1965) Gender: Male Country: United States State/Region: California City: Los Angeles More about myself: I am pretty independent and would never smother my mate.

he than started to find other reasons to ask me money. Have served in Afghanistan for three years and am now back in UK taking care of my daughter. I love someone who can express herself well verbally, and on paper, and isn't afraid to open up.

Am strong believer, follow Gods work and praise blessing he gave me. People have always said that I am non-judgmental and easy to talk to about anything.

I feel so bad for our Soldiers who are having their identity stolen.

report the scammer it will making your post about him here un useful.

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