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Several settlements have been reported by the press or media outlets; however, some of these reports were inaccurate.Administrative costs and the economies of scale for distribution to all investors must be taken into account by the Trustee before actual distribution to keep costs at the lowest possible price point to maximize pro rata distributions to the individual investors.There can be no assurance of the outcome of the litigation, whether as a result of any future settlements or otherwise.The release of the information today does not obligate the Trust to provide information in the future regarding settlement or any other litigation activity of the Trust., along with its year end Beneficiary Letter have been posted to the Trust's website.In addition, the 2016 Trust Beneficiary Information for U. Federal and State Income Tax Purposes Letter and 2016 Trust Beneficiary Tax Worksheet for U. Federal Income Tax Purposes for Beneficiaries of Trust Units for the calendar year 2016 have been posted to the Trust's website.HERO Liquidating Trust On December 2, 2016, the Debtors’ Modified Joint Prepackaged Chapter 11 Plan (Incorporating Mediation Settlement) of Hercules Offshore, Inc.

For example, the Trustee has resolved litigation against numerous different broker-dealers for their role in soliciting investors without conducting adequate due diligence on the Provident companies.The broker-dealer litigation also sought the return of over million in commissions these various broker-dealers received from the Provident Royalties companies. Unfortunately, many of the defendants were thinly capitalized and grossly underinsured.The Trustee has brought litigation against the former directors and officers of the Provident Royalties companies, and numerous other individuals and companies that received monies from the Provident entities without providing fair value in return. The Trustee also commenced litigation against the Jordan River Liquidating Trust and has reached an agreement to compromise and settle those claims as well. The Trustee and the Trust Oversight Committee are committed to prosecuting these claims aggressively to maximize the recovery for the investors and are working hard towards being in a position to make distributions to investors.The Trust has made three distributions to investors.The first was made in November, 2012, a 5% distribution to all allowed claim of the Trust.

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