List configuration options available updating os windows 7

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If you already have another existing partition with enough free space and want to install the Windows 7 on that partition to create a multiboot configuration, select the partition you want to use, and then click Next to begin the installation.

The next phase is to pick the installation partition.Like Vista, the built-in Administrator’s account is disabled. Remember this password, as it will be the ONLY user on the system, and unless you create an additional user or enable the built-in administrator account, if you forget this password you’ll need to crack it to gain access to the system. You will be asked to enter the product key after Windows is installed. The recommended settings are best for someone that doesn’t plan to hide their computer behind a corporate firewall (and even then, in some cases, this would be the best option).Read my article on how to enable the Windows 7 Administrator’s account article for more information. The best option would be to choose a complex password made of at least 7 characters or more (something like Pssw0rd or MYpa$$w0rd). If you plan to install a 3rd-party firewall later you can opt to be prompted later.Even if you’ve got an existing Windows XP/Vista OS on your computer, I would strongly recommend that you format it and install a fresh copy of the OS.This article will focus on a fresh installation of Windows 7.

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