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Snell's standard includes testing of random samples.

There are two main types of helmet: hard shell and soft/micro shell (no-shell helmets are now rare).

Over time the design was refined and by 1983 Bell were making the V1-Pro, the first polystyrene helmet intended for racing use.In 1984 Bell produced the Lil Bell Shell, a no-shell children's helmet. In 1985, Snell B85 was introduced, the first widely adopted standard for bicycle helmets; this has subsequently been refined into B90 and B95 (see Standards below).At this time helmets were almost all either hard-shell or no-shell (perhaps with a vacuum-formed plastic cover).The bicycle helmet arm of Bell was split off in 1991 as Bell Sports Inc., having completely overtaken the motorcycle and motorsports helmet business.The first commercially successful purpose-designed bicycle helmet was the Bell Biker, a polystyrene-lined hard shell released in 1975.

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