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time diagram, De Paolo and Wasserburg determined that Archean rocks had initial Nd isotope ratios very similar to that defined by the CHUR evolution line.

Since Since epsilon units are finer and therefore a more tangible representation of the initial Nd isotope ratio, by using these instead of the initial isotopic ratios, it is easier to comprehend and therefore compare initial ratios of crust with different ages.

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This therefore allows crustal formation ages to be calculated, despite any metamorphism the sample has undergone.

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Samarium–neodymium dating allows us to determine when the crustal material was formed.They have relatively homogeneous trace-element signatures, and therefore their isotopic evolution can model the evolution of the whole Solar system and of the "bulk Earth".After plotting the ages and initial Nd ratios of terrestrial igneous rocks on a Nd evolution vs.Nd ratios of the samples analyzed are plotted on a ɛNd versus time diagram shown in the figure.De Paolo (1981) fitted a quadratic curve to the Idaho Springs and average ɛNd for the modern oceanic island arc data, thus representing the neodymium isotope evolution of a depleted reservoir.

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