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This is not so much a case of cyber-bullying as a case of a really bad parental intervention that had tragic consequences.We need to fight against rude, deceitful and cruel behavior on and off the Internet.They have more users than we have, but over time the user experience gets diluted on Tinder," Mc Leod says, and that's where the My Space comparison comes in."If you told anyone in 2005 that Facebook would be bigger than My Space, they’d think you’re insane. It's about who you know in real life, so it ended up becoming something people relied on."When Mc Leod first launched Hinge as a web app back in 2011, Tinder didn't even exist, and Hinge was a much tougher sell to users. Initially, Mc Leod says he viewed Tinder as just another wannabe.The case has widely been characterized as a legal assault on cyber-bullying, though it is extremely unusual for an adult to bully a teen.The case against Drew is frequently cited as a warning to would-be cyber-bullies that their actions could bring severe consequences to both their victims and themselves.That means Mc Leod is more concerned about ensuring the app is something people will continue to tell their friends about than he is about keeping a given user that he paid to advertise to."As long as we can own the dating market for people between the age of X and Y, who are single, there will always be a pool of people," Mc Leod says.

Adults are supposed to help young people peacefully resolve problems.

And yet, for all the competition between the two companies, Mc Leod admits that Tinder did Hinge a great service in its early days by making online dating socially acceptable to an entirely new audience.

"It's been kind of nice that Tinder got out there first," he explains.

People aren't afraid to join Tinder, because, as Mc Leod says, they think of it as a game, and besides, everyone's a stranger, so how bad can it be?

But when everyone on the app is connected to you in some way or another, signing up can become a much tougher decision.

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