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After reading about the taxes on bonus thread, I am now curious about the political breakdown of users on WSO, and I'm sure you are too, so I'm making a quick, anonymous and simple poll.

Please vote and fill out as best as you can regardless of your opinion of the current administration. As an MBA graduate from a top program currently working at a FAANG tech firm, I have to get this off my chest. Have been lending my parents thousands for basic stuff.

I understand that a sweeping reform policy like this would never be implemented in the United States.

Instead of the gelled slick-back, he's rocking a poorly trimmed Frat Mop on top of hi... In this process, I learned what rejection felt like but also met a ton of people across the different segments of finance and was lucky...To educate the community about services provided and raise awareness of the problems of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to break cycles of abuse.The recent discovery of the monumental 5000 years old tower tombs on top of the up to 1850 m high Shir plateau has raised numerous questions about the economic and infrastructural basis of the agro-pastoral-piscicultural society which likely has constructed them.The scattered oasis settlement of Maqta, situated just below the towers in a rugged desert environment has therefore been studied from 2001 to 2003 to understand its prehistoric and present role along the ancient trade route which connected the inner-Omani Sharqiya across the southern Hajar mountains with the ocean port of Tiwi.Maqta consists of a central area with 59 buildings and 12 scattered temporary settlements comprising a total of about 200 semi-nomadic inhabitants and next to 900 sheep and goats.

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