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Directed by: Sergey Bukovsky “Is this film about a mother? ” [from IMDB] The Leading Role gave me a lighter look into Ukrainian life.A documentary by a Sergey Bukovsky, a famous Ukrainian director, about Nina Antonova, Soviet-era actress, wife of a famous Soviet director, and Sergei’s mother.In 2017, the screenings at the Odessa film fest were 80 UAH – about . When your brain needs a break from all the arty-ness, you can hit the beach, snag a fancy cocktail, or stroll Odessa’s historical center. In part because the program synopsis was so cryptic (more than the above logline), and in part because comedy is so cultural.

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This documentary revisits the town as it tries to rebuild, getting the brutally honest reflections of thirteen teenagers struggling to make sense of an international conflict that’s intruded on their lives. custom designed brick & wrought iron fence in front/wood fence in back. It was am, and I had just run across town in a desperate attempt to catch the day’s first screening at the Odesa International Film Festival.In a total amateur move, I hadn’t double-checked the location of the movie I wanted to see.There were only two theaters screening during the fest, so I had a fifty-fifty chance of being lucky. But despite technically being too late to buy a ticket, I managed to finagle my way into the first screening of Free and Easy, a Chinese film.

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