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Procedural steps for conducting survey research and content analy- sis, and how the Individual Educational program (l EP) can be used as a tool in evalua Li Dn a-3 just a few of many topics explored in this sec- tion.

In particular the chapters on interrupted time series and single-case study designs provide wonuerful critiques and helpful directions.Mc C'jl iagh diversity of Northern Icwa 'Opartment of Social Work Cedar Fal i s , Iowa Paul a Al ] er-Meares y of Il'mois at Urbarid -Ina'npa i gn School of Socidi Work U roar a, 11 i inoi : ■i A Dt PARTMr N^ Gf EDUCATIOf: Pub i i shed by 1 ho St a! Dox'er, Davenport Thiomas Gienn, Dos Moines Francis N. Robinson, Cedar Rapids Ann Wickman, Atlantic George P. Lepley, Director and Executive Officer of ttie State Board of Iducation David H. Kelley, Special Assistant Division of Instructional Ser^/ices Susan J. Frank Vance, Chief, Bureau of Special Education Torn Burgett, Assistant Bureau Ctiief Jim Clark, Consultant, Sctiool Social Work Services Dedicated to school social workers past, present, and future who labor on oehalf of students with special needs at they too ^ay acnieve their potential and realize :reir dreams, hopes, arc aspirations POREWOKU School social wo^r. Over ^^00 school social workers a^^e now employed by th^ Special Lducation Divisions of Iowa Area Education Agencies. Data provides va V^able feedback about the outcome of one's efforts.e of iowa Ues Mo.n b C319 0146 1988 state of Iowa DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Grimes State Office Building Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0146 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Karen K Goodenow, President, Spirit Lake Dianne L. Ino AEAs nave worked for over a decade to develop a comprehensive range of .jpport services to assist local school districts in their efforts to ine^^tify and appro Dr i ately serve handicapped child- ren as mandaler; by Fuonc Law 94-K2. This knowledge is es'-^^-itial for de Mring ar J redefining practice objec- tives, selecting and I'i Odifyina intervention, and developing plans for coritinued service.Social Workers" (James Mc Cullagh); and (28) "The Process of Writing Journal Articles: A Personal Statement" (James Mc Cullagh). The coaioiexity ras;.]n: wim it social change and tnc evci... ' -chool social wcjrkers arx closely aligned with special education, by v, ,'-r'ing v;it'^ '^a-di orpped ounils and their families, while others tend '0 :i neeas -f th- m'linstrpaj! Practitioners have much to offer in developing a solid knoviiedge ba^e for the profession. ERLC vi i i Several compelling reasons exist for such efforts.(NB) CONDUCTING RESEARCH: A HANDBOOK FOR SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKERS un ERIC James G. ;"erogni tic- 0., Ccngr-f.^s ihe people that al- children pave 3 -igr: eaua^ educat-r^? Increasingly, it is the professional responsibility of social workers to incorporate principles or research into their practice and to provide evidence of effectiveness and eft^ Besides knowledge development, mentioned earlier, practitioners need .0 knuw huw eifectivt.- they are in acnieving social work and ^c'^'^cy godis on behalf 0^ clients.

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