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What I mean is you will be on many dates with highly incompatible girls.I am going to start with the absolute most important aspect for a man to own.There’s a lot of good advice in this recent podcast I did with ‘Weekend Superheroes’, but one of the hot topics of discussion was about the rise of men actively desexualising themselves because of this recent wave of fanatical feminist pressure. You just send her a text, schedule a date, and wake up the next morning with a big grin…Here’s the direct link to the interview: TAKE ACTION. Read More Here I am helping out a couple of celebrities on the popular E4 TV show ‘Celebs Go Dating’ I got the chance to share my powerful sexual escalation technique on Sam Thompson from Made In Chelsea. Read More The 7-Day Mastery Program style section 7-Day Mastery student (before and after): By now you’re hopefully aware, that as part of the transformation experience on the 7-Day Mastery Program, we provide the opportunity for all the men who attend, the chance to receive a complete style makeover with one of Europe’s leading men’s fashion and… Read More How to talk to girls (With great conversational examples) Most men struggle with making conversation with beautiful women.

I don’t care what you look like or how many hundreds of pounds you can bench press at the gym, if you ain’t got confidence then you are playing the game with less than a quarter of the deck.

Both men and women can use the ‘upside down triangle’ on someone they want to seduce. Read More Why now is actually the best time ever to approach women: In the last couple of months, it has come to my attention that my students are getting an increasing amount of results with women whilst on either my bootcamps or the 7-day mastery program. They usually even struggle with unattractive women too.

In particular when approaching women in day time environments! Read More The Art Of Self Marketing In this article, I want to share a short excerpt from my latest book ‘How To Make Her Want You’ which touches on the value of self marketing. Sure, maybe they can string a few words together and produce a dull and forgettable conversation, but that’s not the same as creating a dynamic and impactive interaction with… Because this is not a questions that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ I will answer this question in stages.

We spend our entire lives trying to make other people feel happy whilst we ignore our own desires, needs and passions.

This common social training incorrectly teaches us that other people are better than us.

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