Pua online dating techniques

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If she’s a beer drinker poet with piercings and a penchant for grammar, chances are she is.The websites of the pickup artists I interviewed recited a common litany of the type of women that the author had bedded — and that, implicitly, you could also bed, if you utilize whatever system they’re selling.If women supposedly have all the power in this one, limited realm, then there must be some way to wrest it back from them.When I interviewed Maurice Jackson of Supernatural Seduction Secrets over IM, we exchanged links throughout our conversation.The pickup artist theory is that women wield all the power. They claim that “quality,” “hot” women receive between twenty and fifty messages per day, and put their reply rate somewhere between two and five-percent.Or at least that’s what I was assured by every single PUA I talked to. Forum after forum dedicated to online pick-up acknowledges this fact, and there’s a certain underlying hysteria in this realization.

It’s an “ancient, primitive” response, and all women are simply wired like that.Supposedly, men think they want an easy way to get easy sex from the internet, but what they really want is a girlfriend.But it doesn’t really matter whether pick-up artists emphasize their success at achieving casual sexual encounters or “meaningful” long-term relationships.There are keywords you can add to your profile that will make an Asian woman more likely to contact you, according to Kimba.Or, if you’re browsing women’s profiles, there are keywords that can tip you off to those who are into casual, rough sex.

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