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Despite his declining health, Dangerfield continued performing, and published his autobiography Dangerfield's career continued to rise, and the comedian showed no signs of stopping.But after a heart valve replacement surgery in August of 2004, Dangerfield suffered a small stroke and slipped into a coma.: For me, let's go with Eddie Murphy getting made to look like a white dude and going undercover.The last black guy gets off the bus and they go, "Alright, he's gone," and it becomes a speakeasy.

Ellie Kemper ()[Seeing] TJ & Dave at the Improv Olympic in Chicago [made me want to get into comedy]. It's so absurd, so funny, and so socially satirical. Maya Rudolph ( horribly racist, which is probably why it was funny, but it also wasn’t funny, at all.[My favorite joke isn't] a joke, but anytime anyone's umbrella turns inside out on a rainy, windy day — I can't stop laughing. We're all just helpless babes in the face of nature. Nick Kroll ( stuff and Martin Short in the synchronized swimming bit talking about not being a strong swimmer. There was zero political correctness and there were zero censors.There was something about that, when you watch that moment your head turns like a dog hearing a whistle, and there was something about that moment I was like, "I want to do that." )One of [the jokes that changed my life] was a Steve Martin bit: He pauses after a laugh for a while, and then grabs an object and holds it up in the air. I feel like the only joke that comes to mind is the one about the bear and the rabbit shitting in the woods.A comedy boom has to start somewhere, and that's with comedians — comedians have to start somewhere, and that's with the first jokes, show, or stand-up special they saw that left an impression on them. I feel like I saw that at the right time when I was in high school, and it was really cool.So, Vulture polled more than five dozen comedians and comedy writers, big and small, to find out what some of their favorite jokes of all time are, what jokes changed their lives, or what jokes pushed them to get into comedy in the first place — in some cases all of the above. Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele (: For me it was the "King Tut" song that Steve Martin did.

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