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Offenders usually focus on the children that respond favourably or remain engaged [46].

In one notable case, a child sex offender coerced children to engage in sexual acts in front of webcams.

Here, those who provide material that is considered to be of ‘high quality’ (typically novel material), show higher levels of technical expertise and share best practise, can achieve the highest ranks and be recognised amongst their peers.

An offender speaking widely known languages is able to reach more potential targets, whereas an offender speaking a language which is not widespread will not extend beyond the national level.The offender used TOR and proxies to disguise his identity, but made a number of mistakes that led to his identification and arrest in the Netherlands.The operation was led by the United Kingdom with the participation of EC3, US ICE, the Netherlands and Canada.Many cases of sexual extortion are a consequence of ‘sexting’.Sexting can be defined as the ‘exchange of sexual messages or images’ [48], typically self-generated, sent via mobile phone or the Internet.

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