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SINGAPORE -- The punishment of caning is not unconstitutional, the apex court ruled yesterday, throwing out the latest in a string of legal challenges mounted by convicted drug trafficker Yong Vui Kong.

After he became the first to escape the gallows following changes to the mandatory death penalty regime, the 26-year-old Malaysian last year sought to be spared from the 15 strokes of the cane he was re-sentenced to, by arguing that the punishment violated the Constitution.

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"It is undeniably the case that caning inflicts a considerable level of pain and suffering on a prisoner.

But this level of pain and suffering is far exceeded by that endured by the victims in those cases where courts held that the conduct in question amounted to torture," they said.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor Timotheus Koh stressed the seriousness of their offences, which took "thorough, meticulous, deliberate and elaborate" planning.

"They have defaced a train involved in the provision of public services," he said.

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