Speed dating for young people

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Step 5 Get feedback from the whole class on their dream and nightmare dates.Step 6 Tell your students they are going to watch a short film in which a young woman called Ava goes speed-dating. Ask them to come up with 10 questions they would ask if they went speed-dating.Elicit or explain that speed-dating is an organised event normally held in a bar in which single people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is a mutual interest. Step 10 Give the students time to answer the questions and then compare their answers with a partner. Step 12 Get feedback from the whole class and discuss what they think are the best questions.

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Men were more attracted to women who were more physically attractive, but female mindfulness did not influence male initial attraction.

Initial romantic attraction has important implications for the development of romantic relationships.

Much research demonstrates that physical attractiveness predicts initial romantic attraction.

The study was carried out by dating service of 5,500 people of all ages.

It revealed that 57 per cent of millennials feel lonely, even though they are 125 percent more likely than other generations to admit they’re ‘addicted’ to finding true love.

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