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A dish called gobi Manchurian is essentially General Tso's cauliflower, sauced and battered and the type of mindless bar food that disappears in a blink.But it's the India hot chicken that's most relevant in our times.Johnny's Grill Last we saw Sarah Jordan, she was creating memorable desserts at the short-lived Cicchetti restaurant.In August, she took over a venerable Logan Square diner (keeping the name), expanded into the floral shop next door and started cranking out — well, I suppose "Irish diner food" sums it up as well as anything.Surprisingly, it sort of translates well — samosas instead of quesadillas, buttered paneer and paratha instead of artichoke dip and chips.Garlic knots everywhere else become garlic naan here, blistered and chewy and crisp, with a measured hit of garlic.

The real winners are the bocadillo sandwiches (hat tip goes to Evanston's Hewn bakery) filled with garlicked pork sausage and mustard, and the surprising standout, one stuffed with white corn meal-fried calamari and saffron aioli. Community Tavern Chicago has an abundance of steakhouses, but they cluster together, downtown and in River North, like members of the same wolf pack.

Retro menu touches include a first-rate French onion soup, shrimp de Jonghe and a towering iceberg wedge with glazed bacon and bleu cheese. The space is now occupied by Pub Royale, an Indian-by-way-of-Britain gastropub helmed by Au Cheval vet Jason Vaughan.

The upstairs dining room is elegant and sensual; there's also a less-formal, street-level bistro with a small-plates menu and cocktails such as Scotchy Scotch Scotch (shades of Ron Burgundy of "Anchorman"). The question is how this sort of food plays on a brotastic stretch of Division Street.

Playing off the Nashville hot chicken sandwich trend, the kitchen fries up a boneless piece of chicken to a magnificent crunch, shingles it with dried chilies and serves it alongside pickled limes.

Oil colored an evil fiery red pools atop the naan that sits underneath.

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