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However, it is generally believed that the Games had been going on for many years by that time.

Legend has it that Heracles (the Roman Hercules), son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene, founded the Games, which by the end of the 6th century B.

The 1896 Games featured the first Olympic marathon, which followed the 25-mile route run by the Greek soldier who brought news of a victory over the Persians from Marathon to Athens in 490 B. Fittingly, Greece's Spyridon Louis won the first gold medal in the event. Participation in the ancient Olympic Games was initially limited to freeborn male citizens of Greece; there were no women’s events, and married women were prohibited from attending the competition. 393, Emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, called for a ban on all “pagan” festivals, ending the ancient Olympic tradition after nearly 12 centuries.

In 1924, the distance would be standardized to 26 miles and 385 yards. After the Roman Empire conquered Greece in the mid-2nd century B. 67, the decadent Emperor Nero entered an Olympic chariot race, only to disgrace himself by declaring himself the winner even after he fell off his chariot during the event. It would be another 1,500 years before the Games would rise again, largely thanks to the efforts of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) of France.

The Winter Olympics debuted that year, including such events as figure skating, ice hockey, bobsledding and the biathlon.

Eighty years later, when the 2004 Summer Olympics returned to Athens for the first time in more than a century, nearly 11,000 athletes from a record 201 countries competed.

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The Palestinian Olympic team in 2016 consists of: Mayda al-Sayed – Women’s marathon Mary al-Atrash – Swimming – Women’s 50m freestyle Ahmed Gebrel – Swimming – Men’s 200m freestyle Mohammed Abukhousa – Track and Field – Men’s 100m Simon Yacoub – Judo – Men’s 60 kg Christian Zimmermann – Equestrian Despite some Israeli commentators’ claims that the six members of the team are not all Palestinian, the Palestinian athletes have provided documentation of their Palestinian identity – although a couple of them are refugees unable to return to their homeland by the Israeli occupation authorities.After 13 Olympiads, two more races joined the stade as Olympic events: the diaulos (roughly equal to today’s 400-meter race), and the dolichos (a longer-distance race, possibly comparable to the 1,500-meter or 5,000-meter event). C., the Games continued, but their standards and quality declined. Dedicated to the promotion of physical education, the young baron became inspired by the idea of creating a modern Olympic Games after visiting the ancient Olympic site.The pentathlon (consisting of five events: a foot race, a long jump, discus and javelin throws and a wrestling match) was introduced in 708 B. In November 1892, at a meeting of the Union des Sports Athlétiques in Paris, Coubertin proposed the idea of reviving the Olympics as an international athletic competition held every four years.Two years later, he got the approval he needed to found the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which would become the governing body of the modern Olympic Games.The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

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