Sysprep 2 0 error updating registry

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A master computer contains a master installation, which is the system disk on which you have installed and configured the operating system and software applications that you want to install onto the destination computers in your organization. Mini-Setup runs automatically after a disk image is copied to a destination computer and the destination computer is started.Mini-Setup provides prompts for user-specific information, configures operating system settings, and detects new hardware. Repository where Sysprep stores configuration and setup information prior to the disk imaging process.The answer files (Cmdlines.txt, Sysprep.inf, and Winbom.ini) are created on a technician or administrator computer, and are used on the master computer and the destination computer when Sysprep and its associated components run.The disk imaging tool runs on the master computer, where it is used to create a disk image, and on the destination computer, where it is used to copy a disk image from a CD or a remote server onto the destination computer’s hard disk.As with most answer files, and contain multiple predefined sections — some mandatory and some optional — that you can modify.Section names are always enclosed in square brackets (for example, [Unattended]).

also runs automatically after you copy a disk image to a destination computer and then start the destination computer for the first time.

can also run at the end of the Factory-mode stage if you run Sysprep with the Factory mode option.

must exist in the same folder on the master computer as and Sysprep.exe, which is typically the Deployment tool that creates a basic answer file.

Winlogon is designed around an interactive logon model that consists of three components: the Winlogon executable, a Graphical Identification and Authentication dynamic-link library (DLL) referred to as the GINA, and many network providers.

The structures of two files are essential to an image-based installation with Sysprep: the answer file, which automates the Mini-Setup stage of an image-based installation, and the answer file, which automates the Factory-mode stage of an image-based installation.

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