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The Head of The Bush School, Frank Magusin, sent a letter home to parents, explaining what happened, and that Paur admitted he placed the camera in the room.

Magusin did not want to go on camera, but sent us a statement, that says in part: “Students on the trip discovered a video camera belonging to Mr.

Early yesterday evening, I received a report from one of the Silver Star chaperones.

Two students had reported to him that another group of students had discovered a personal camera in their room that was making a video recording of the room.

SEATTLE — Parents of students at The Bush School, a private K-12 school in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, got a letter alerting them to the arrest of a coach and chaperone for alleged child voyeurism charges.

“We wanted a smart toy that could learn and grow with a child,” says JP Benini, the co-founder of the Cogni Toys “Dino”, an interactive Wi Fi-enabled plastic dinosaur that can hold conversations with children and answer their questions.

“We grew it from something that was like a Siri for kids to something that was more conversational in nature.” In a 1999 episode of , “Grift of the Magi”, a toy company takes over Springfield Elementary and spies on children in order to create the perfect toy, Funzo.

It is designed to destroy all other toys, just in time for Christmas.

Many at the time criticised the plot for being absurd.

Like the show's prediction of President Trump, however, it seems that we are living in a world where satire slowly becomes reality.

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