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There’s so much distance between you that it’s easy to become insecure or feel unsure about your partner’s commitment.

Having clear parameters and daily contact is so important.

Why not watch a film at the same time and discuss it afterwards, play an online game together or learn a language and practise together?

There are so many things that you can do together online that will give you plenty to talk about and deepen your connection.

You don’t need to make all of these decisions straight away but you do both need to be able to say what you want and how you’re feeling as the relationship continues.

To give your long distance relationship the very best chance of success, here are our top 6 secrets.

You both need to decide where you’d like this relationship to go early on.

Firm plans, precise times for meeting online, a willingness to talk about the future and, most importantly, an agreement that if it isn’t working you’ll tell each other are all needed.

All of these things will help to create that feeling of security that you need for your long distance relationship to survive and thrive.

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