Updating avg 7

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I find I have little trouble but there is nothing I do to rock the boat.AVG is an anti-virus software that provides extra protections for millions of users worldwide.However all the time I was downloading and installing the updates my AVG kept popping up with a blocking message: "au.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/crup/2012/07_467626d3805abcce3d926b85d8928a20d5edc05b.exe" (I kept closing the notification window and downloading/installing the updates.

My AVG Internet Security v9 is running and updating fine...something it hasn't been doing in a month because of the infection.

5 What is the Many times I can fix that with an uninstall and reinstall of their product.

Worth noting is the FREE VERSION is run on fewer servers and those can go down at times.

It's a hoot to read complaints from the FREE VERSION users about the down servers but I find the reinstall usually clears this up as well as giving it a week for the servers to come back.

Bob OS: Vista Version: AVG Anti-Virus paid AVG Version: 10.0.1388Mine is a paid version and I am having the same problems.

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