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Fear not there is a way around this, my workplace defined a group on our proxy for specific domains that we want to permit without content filtering or the need to enforce A/D authentication (Iron Port examples below).

The only drawback with this method, is that it requires you maintain a list of “white-listed” domains, for Microsoft we added (Live Meeting) and sip.(Lync), the domains can easily be determined within a network trace. With the release of Lync Server 2010 (RC) the settings which were deployed using group policy for OCS 2007 R2 are now for the most part sent using in-band provisioning to the client.

The main reason for allowing a re-direction from port 80 (http) to 443 (https) is to avoid the need of replacing your existing SAN.

The recommended approach is to only permit the Lync mobility client to communicate on port 443, so I replaced the certificate within my existing Lync web listener within Forefront TMG – so we’re going to run you through this setup below (you could also add the additional public name “lyncdiscover.

Uncovering a last minute inability to join a Lync online meeting (or Live Meeting) can be incredibly frustrating, fumbling around for PSTN dial-in details and then switching from the “richer client” or Lync Attendee to the audio/video challenged Lync Web App a disappointment.

That is why I have spent that last couple of months (on and off) looking into an issue with both the Lync Attendee and Live Meeting Clients when joining via an authenticated web proxy – in my case a Cisco Iron Port, but the proxy vendor is immaterial – if it isn’t anonymous then you’ll hit a similar stumbling block.

I have also configured the external discovery record, which can be verified using NSLOOKUP (see below).

This is pointed toward the external listener address of my TMG reverse proxy.

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Within the Lync management shell run, ensure shell is run as admin if UAC is enabled (Windows Server 2008 R2): If you are running Window Server 2008 (IIS7.0) then you need to make a minor ASP. Use a text editor such as Notepad to open the application Host.config file, located at C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\application Host.config.3.There are a few setting which are used for Client bootstrapping and therefore still need to be configured in Group Policy.The majority of group policy settings have been moved to Power Shell commands: Here we are creating a policy called Sales Policy with 2 settings to turn off Emoticons and to turn off checking that the Outlook and Lync are running under the same account.With all clients RTW’d this guide is officially v.1.0 Configuration of Lync Mobility Autodiscover Records First up you’ll need to create the internal (lyncdiscoverinternal.As this is being configured within a test lab environment my internal discovery DNS is pointed at my Lync Standard Edition Server, for a larger deployment this is likely to be your Front End Pool or Director.

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