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We study climate uncertainty and how managers' beliefs about climate change develop and influence their decisions.

We develop an approach for updating knowledge and beliefs based on the observation of forest and climate variables and illustrate its application for the adaptive management of an even-aged Norway spruce ( L. We simulated forest development under a range of climate change scenarios and forest management alternatives.

The purchase is the latest in a long line of investments by Chinese firms in European companies.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's upcoming cabinet picks will signal whether the CDU remains in the political center.

Petry left the Af D to form The Blue Party after accusing her old party of being too extremist.

Having taken almost 10 percent stake in Daimler, Geely directors plan to hold talks with German officials, sources say.

temperature or precipitation is superior for updating beliefs and supporting decision-making.

However, with little conflict among information sources, the strongest evidence would be offered by a combination of at least two informative variables, e.g., temperature and precipitation.

The next market that the firmware is set to go live in is Canada as the region’s second-largest carrier Telus has revealed that it’s hoping to roll out the OTA to its carrier-branded Galaxy Note 4 on May 16.Some 470,000 German students suffer from a mental disorder and this number is likely to grow, according to German health insurance company Barmer.Depression cases among young people are increasingly common.The success of adaptive forest management depends on when managers switch to forward-looking management schemes.Thus, robust climate adaptation policies may depend crucially on a better understanding of what factors influence managers' belief in climate change.

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